About the Artist


C.A.T. Cunningham

C.A.T. is a Mesa AZ-based artist intent on making a strong statement of environmentally friendly art, helping to raise awareness that art can be beautiful, functional and resourceful.   She studied Mixed Media Fine Arts at Arizona State University and found a passion for glass. 

From her earliest childhood, C.A.T. has had a passion for environmentalism and animal welfare and rescue. In addition to six active years in the field with Greenpeace while in her twenties, she served 11 years as the regional environmental affairs manager for a globally-operating corporation.  She spent 19 years volunteering for a local animal rescue organization  with her activities including field rescue, large and small events management, and serving on the Board as Fund Raising Director. 

Her lifetime activism in animal welfare and rescue has led to an increased focus on using her talents as an artist to compassionately design and create memorial art objects for her fellow animal lovers in the community.


“My art is a culmination of my life’s passion for environmental stewardship and animal welfare, and my overwhelming need to create” says C.A.T.

C.A.T. has been featured on Channel 12 for her environmental artwork and was featured in February’s 2010 issue of Phoenix Magazine. She is an established artisan at the Arizona Renaissance Festival (since 2007) and was one of the thirteen artisans whose work was featured  in Phoenix Magazine's online article "13 One-of-A-Kind Treasures You'll Find at the Renaissance Festival" (Mar/2019). 

When not working in her studio, C.A.T. enjoys being outdoors hiking, mountain biking, skiing, swimming, or tending her garden and trees. She is an avid reader, accomplished musician, and she loves being mother to her family of adopted/rescued cats.

Phoenix Magazine Online Article (Mar/2019)

Meet C.A.T. In Person

C.A.T. will be at the 2020 Arizona Renaissance Festival , Feb 8th - Mar 29th.

Arizona Renaissance Festival